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When it's real, it gets remembered

Voice coaching will find the strength in your natural voice.

Every ambitious professional, no matter what industry, needs to have impact and influence. How? Through good communication skills.

If you are interested in making an impression or moving up the corporate ladder, or simply nailing your upcoming presentation, professional voice coaching can give you the skills and confidence you need to ensure you’re remembered for all the right reasons.

Viva Voice offers unsurpassed quality voice and presentation training for professionals across Sydney.

If you’d like us to run training for your workforce in-house, we have a range of programs including short ‘Lunch and Learn’ sessions to choose from.

If you’re interested in private coaching, you’re invited to have your sessions at our studio in Sydney’s Inner West.

You’re probably not the type to muck around, so please click to book your Free Voice Analysis with Amy Hume in which you’ll find out the right training program for you.

“Amy was an outstanding influence on our team, who were gearing up for a conference presentation with minimal public speaking experience. She provided excellent feedback and we were filled with confidence. We placed first in a national competition, which lead to us traveling to China and presenting on the international stage. Amy’s coaching was invaluable.”

University of Sydney Enactus team

“Amy is a wonderful and informed presenter, I found her course on finding your presence in the workplace incredibly valuable to my development in my career. I have used the tips and tricks I learnt from Amy to gain confidence to speak with a strong voice in meetings and gain more respect from senior executives in my workplace.”

Bethany Stanford

Communications Advisor, CommBank